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Frequently Asked Questions


What is your return/exchange policy?

Please see our Returns and Exchanges page to learn about our policies or to request a return.

What does "refurbished" actually mean?

The term typically refers to the hardware components of a computer that have been either replaced with similar components or updated with newer technology than with which the device was originally manufactured.

Does my refurbished computer come with a virus protection program?

All versions of Microsoft Windows do not come pre-installed with a virus protection program. You will have to purchase one online or in stores.

How can I keep my data safe?

Always back up your data! If you don't have a DVD burning drive or an external hard drive, get one! Keep multiple backups in separate locations if possible.

I am having a series of random popups on my screen. Is my computer infected?

There's a good chance it is infected and you will need to clean out your computer from unwanted malicious software or reinstall Windows. Unfortunately, getting your computer infected is not covered under our warranty, but we may be able to help walk you through how to get rid of the virus.

Is recovery media supplied with a refurbished PC from a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher?

As of January 1, 2014, Microsoft Authorized Refurbishers are no longer including recovery media supplied on DVDs with refurbished PC purchases. All of Joy Systems' computers have a recovery partition called System Restore which comes up as you boot up the computer from a shut down. Follow the on-screen instructions to restore the computer back to factory settings. For more information, please visit Microsoft's website.

Why doesn't my laptop battery last very long?

The industry standard for refurbished battery life is around 45 minutes. While our batteries last a bit longer than the standard, we can't guarantee that they will last several hours. If your battery life lasts less than 45 minutes, however, please check the warranty section to see if it's available for an exchange.

Why does my hard drive have less space than indicated?
When you first set up your computer, you might be surprised to find that there's less hard drive space than you expected. In most cases, there's nothing at all wrong with the drive.  There are two factors that affect what your computer shows:
First, hard drive manufacturers measure capacity in decimal (base 10) numbers. So they count 1,000 bytes = 1 megabyte, and 1,000 megabytes = 1 gigabyte.  However, Windows and some other operating systems calculate storage in binary, where 1,024 bytes = 1 megabyte, and 1,024 megabytes = 1 gigabyte.  This means that Windows will report the capacity about 7% less than the stated hard drive size.  For example, 250 GB may show as 238 GB, 320 GB as 305 GB, and 500 GB as 465 GB.
Second, the operating system (Windows, MacOS, ChromeOS) requires some space for the installation, recovery partitions, etc.  Windows 10 Pro typically takes about 16GB - 20GB.  Therefore, if you have a Windows 10 computer with a 250 GB hard drive, you may see about 218 GB of free space; 320 GB would have about 285 GB free space; and 500 GB would have about 445 GB free space.
Seagate (a hard drive manufacturer) and Microsoft have articles that explain in more detail:
These differences are common to all computers, new and refurbished.  If your hard drive is showing significantly less free space, please contact us to ensure that there isn't a problem with the drive.

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